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Manga Tools set Special Deluxe (English version)
Deleter Manga Tool Set - Deluxe

Easy-to-understand lectures on everything from how to draw manga to copy books!

As long as you have this book, you'll be able to make your doujin debut with a breeze! Comes with a practice kit; perfect for beginners!

This kit includes:
* Brochure explaining how to do book making
* Drawing Paper (4 sheets)
* A4 Grid Paper (6 sheets)
* DELETER Jr Screentone (5 sheets)
* Tone Hera
* Neopiko Line3, 0.05mm
* Neopiko Line3, 0.3mm
* Neopiko color Black
* Cutting Knife
* MANGA TECHNIC book Vol.5 (in English)
(How to Draw Japanese Manga)
* Deleter Trial Pen Set
* Ink: Black 1
* Ink: White 1
* Brush
* Cutting mat (A4 size clear type)
* Curve Ruler
* 30cm Ruler
* Stapler & Staples
(special stapler allows vertical stapling for book making)

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Item NameManga Tools set Special Deluxe (English version)
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