FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where is DELETER physical retail store in Japan?
A: Sorry, we do not have retail store.
Around Tokyo, I recommend yoru to visit "Sekaido". It is located in Shinjuku.

*Sekaido Art Store in Shinjuku
Biggest art supply store!! 1 to 5th floor are full of art supply, stationary
Business hour: 9:30AM to 9PM (open everyday)
Address: 3 Chome-1-32 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022
sekaido website(Japanese)

Q: What is the difference between "Neopiko 2" and "Neopiko Color"?
A: both are "Alcohol based marker", "144 colors", "Dual marker nib". Differences are below.

1, Brand New brush tip
Usually Art supplies are very sensitive because most of them are planned to make for artists.
"Neopiko2" brush nib is really smooth and sensitive.
"Neopiko Color" brush nib is smooth and tough.

We have hold "DELETER special comic class" at local elementary school,
even lower grades students enjoyed our marker.

2, Chose fine tip
"Neopiko2" = brush nib + chisel nib (good for coloring big space)
"Neopiko Color" = brush nib + fine nib (good for coloring detail, writing)

3, New color
"Neopiko2" = based on color existed color chart
"Neopiko Color" = existed color chart + original colors

Colors were chose by professional comic artists.
For several colors, We have made colors from zero.
They compared with other company's marker then
chose "useful color", "their favorite colors, but not existed color"

4, got "AP" proof
"Neopiko Color" has got "AP" proof.

AP proof = proof of the product is made by NON-TOXIC materials.
* for some country, the "AP" proof is required to be sold.
* To get "AP" proof, it was too tough to be checked with existed products, "Neopiko2".
* It does not mean, "Neopiko2 include toxic material".

since 2004, we have been selling "Neopiko2", and many artists in whole world constantly use.
so we still keep "Neopiko2".

our first marker had sold from 1998 to 2004. We have kept trying to improve our products.

Q: Where can I buy DELETER products in my country?
A: Please E-mail us " shopping@deleter.jp ".
We have clients, distributor in around 30 counties. We will check and E-mail you.
Or you are all welcome to tell us your favorite stores, comic convention in your city or country. We will try to contact with them!!

Q: How to make order at DELETER Manga Shop?
A: Please refer this page. How to shop

Q: The Payment information is disrepair before pay, how can i make payment?
A: Please E-mail us (shopping@deleter.jp), we will make invoice at our Paypal page and E-mail you.
  Depend on the individual PC setting, automatically jumping page is blocked.

Q: I want to buy some art material those are not at DELETER Manga Shop.
  Is it possible to add at product line?

A: Yes. It might be possible. Please E-mail us. Our company "DELETER" founded in 1984.
  We know many Art material maker, Drafting instruments maker, stationary maker.

Q: well, there are so many products, what should I start with?
A: Below is recommended products for Beginner.

1. paper for drafting drawing :
  : Rough sketch paper A4 size, B4 size.
  : 5mm section paper A4 size, B5 size.

2. Comic Paper :
  : A4 (A) 135kg paper - - -(A) type has grid
  : A4 (A) 110kg paper
  : A4 (B) 135kg paper - - -(B) type is plain
  : A4 (B) 110kg paper
*135kg and 110kg is paper thickness.copy paper is about 70kg, so 135kg is about 2 sheets of copy paper thickness.
  All kinds of DELETER Comic paper, Difference of paper's grid,

3. pen :
   NEOPIKO Line3 - - - Liner. Easy to draw same thickness of lines.
   9 sizes (from 0.03mm to 2.0) , Only black has brush,
3 colors are available. (Black, Sepia, Grey)

4. pen nib :
Trial Pen set - - 3 kinds of Pen nib set.

5. Ink :
DELETER Black 1, for whiteout, DELETER White 1

6. DELETER Screen :
   about 650 kinds of DELETER Screen pattern.

    Sets are available, half size DELETER Screen Jr. set is recommended.

Popular B4 size DELETER Screen :
   Dots pattern: SE-61, SE-60, SE-63, SE-65
   Effect: SE-320, SE-619, SE-819, SE-1020, SE-1176, SE-1189,SE-1227
   Background: SE-858, SE-861,SE-1012, SE-1131, SE-1259

7. color illustration (usually, for the cover of book, Manga use color illustration)

   NEOPIKO-2 - - Alcohol based marker. Can make beautiful graduation
   NEOPIKO-3 - - Water based marker. After dry, the ink will be water proof.
             You can draw on fabric, too.
   NEOPIKO-4 - -Water based marker. It is like "watercolor" pen.
             You can blur color with water.

Q: About Pen nib, What is the difference between, DELETER pen nib and Zebra pen nib?

A: DELETER pen nib is harder than Zebra one. (it is a only little difference.)
Even bog-standard Pen nib, the metal heat treatment spreads the quality.

the most artist chose with their preference.

One more thing, when you use new pen nib, please use tissue to take off oil on the nib. New pen nib is covered with rusty protection oil.

Q: About Comic Paper, Why there are A4, B4 size? and 110kg, 135kg??

A: Comic Paper size,
  A4 and B4. when the comic book is printed, usually it is shrink down to small size.
  so bigger size of paper is easier to draw details,
  and some comic competition ask to use B4 size paper,
  usually professional comic artist use B4 size. some arrow A4 size, too.

  In Japan, A4 size papers are used for "Dojinshi"(self-publish book) .
  the Doujinshi book size is wide variety.

Comic Paper thickness

  DELETER Comic paper thickness, there are 110kg and 135kg.
  when the artists use DELETER Screen, Tones, they use Knife to cut the tones.
  if the comic paper is thin, they might cut the Tones with comic paper. thicker one is easier.
  for other reason is " hard pen pressure artist" , 135kg is more comfortable to draw.

  the paper quality is same.