”DELETER” is Manufacture of comic art material in Japan. Since 1984, DELETER has been making “Screen Tone” for comic and gained the top market share in Japan. Thank you very much for visiting the "DELETER Manga Shop" website.

*What is DELETER??

“DELETER Inc. “is manufacture of Manga art material in Japan.
(Manga = Japanese comic)

Company established in 1984.

DELETER products` quality is high,
as proof, many professional Manga artists in Japan use DELETER products..

In Japan, we sell to 500 stores, For overseas, we sell to 86 countries.

DELETER most popular product is “Tone”.
There are about 720 patterns for our “Tone”.
Every summer and winter, we make new patterns of “Tone”.

We challenge new things.

We have made “ collaboration products with major publisher in Japan, Animation licenser, TV media company, famous professional comic artist in Japan.

*Some of the collaboration products cannot be sold for overseas,
Due to character license issue.

History of DELETER

1984 JUN. established company
1985 JAN. launched "letter label"
1987 MAY. launched "DELETER Screen",DELETER original screen tone
1996 JAN. began to host comic event "Comic World" in Japan
1997 OCT. began to host comic event "Comic World" at Overseas
1998 MAY. launched "NEOPIKO", original alchol based marker
1998 AUG. began to host comic event "Comic World Hong Kong" in Hong Kong
Comic World Hong Kong website : http://www.cwhk.org/

1999 NOV. began to host figure event "WHF" in Japan
2001 DEC. launched "CG illust", color drawing software for PC
2002 JUL. launched "Comic Works", comic drawing software
2003 JUN. launched "Beans comic", which published comic with amature artists
2003 NOV. launched "CG illust ver.3"
2004 JUN. launched "Comic Works ver.2", "Comic Works MAX" for PC
2004 JUL. launched "CG illust ver.3 plus"
2004 SEP. launched "NEOPIKO-2", alchol based marker
2005 APR. launched "Manga tool", set of comic art supplies
2005 NOV. launched "CG illust4","CG illust4 plus"
2005 DEC. launched "DELETER Light", tracing board
launched "XP5560WT", pen tablet for PC
2006 JUL. launched "Manga Technique", how to draw book in English
2006 AUG. launched "NEOPIKO LINE", pigment ink Liner
2007 FEB. launched "NEOPIKO-3", water-based ink marker for paper and fabric
2007 NOV. launched "CG illust4.5","CG illust4.5+"
2007 launched "Kent Comic paper"
2007 DEC. launched "Digital DELETER Pen", pen tablet for PC
2008 FEB. launched "DELETER Light LE", tracing board with LED
2009 MAR. launched "NEOPIKO-2 new set"
2009 MAY. Changed company name "S.E. Inc." to "DELETER Inc."
2010 FEB. launched "NEOPIKO-2 refill Ink"
2010 NOV. launched "NEOPIKO-4", water-based ionk, haired brush marker 2010 FEB. launched "BAKUMAN comic art supplies set", collaborated with "NHK", "Shueisya"
2011 MAR. launched "CG illust NEO", color drawing software for PC
2011 JUN. launched "Comic Works NEO", comic drawing software for PC
2011 JUN. launched "DELETER pen NEO", pen tablet for PC
2012 APR. launched "Digital DELETER Pen", pen tablet for PC
2013 FEB. launched "Manga Set", comic art supplies set
2013 MAR. launched "NEOPIKO Line-3", pigment ink Liner, with AP mark, tough pen nib
2013 DEC. launched "Nakayosi Manga tool set", collaborated with "Nakayosi" publisher
2014 APR. launched "NEOPIKO COLOR", alchol based marker, with AP mark, tough nib
2014 DEC. launched "Nozaki-kun comic tool set", collaborated with "Kadokawa"
2015 AUG. moved location
2015 OCT. launched "NEOPIKO COLOR", new colors, total colors are 144.