PAYPAL payment capabilities for overseas customers.
Check the complete selection of DELETER products.

Delivery method is "DHL".

“DELETER” is the Premier manufacturer of Comic Art materials in Japan.
Since 1984, as a result of constant developing and improvements,
DELETER products have been a major art material supplier to both art schools and
professional Japanese comic artists.
Products are available at over 500 stores in Japan and exported
worldwide to over 100 countries

Sometimes the international delivery products may be the object of taxes.
Basically, international products, the country take import TAX from all of products.
Every country CUSTOM make decision and calculate the TAX.
They receive so many parcel, so they randomly chose the parcel to ask for the TAX.

*Saturday, Sunday and Japanese holidays are closed.

*We have more than 30 years history with Manga(comic) art material,
so we have connection with most of Japanese art material company, stationary company.
If you would like buy something that is not on our product line up,
Please feel free to ask us!! We can check if we can provide!!!

*What's New*


"National Holiday in Japan"

April 29th, May 3rd, 6th is national holiday in Japan

Sorry for the inconvenience.


"Order process delay"

Due to sudden order increase, order process has been delay.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


"Winter holiday"

Dec 26 to Jan 8, during the days, We can not process order.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

With customer request, We have add "Tachikawa Pen nib"


"National holiday"

April 29th to May 8th,during the days, We can not process order.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


*System has been fixed.

It was security upgrade process error. Now its fixed.


*System error occurs now.

Products can not be in the shopping cart.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

We are asking system company to fix ASAP.

Our shopping site is their professional system.

For order, Please E-mail us products number and quantity.

We will make invoice with our Paypal account and E-mail you.


Changing VAT rule in EU

from July 1st, 2021, VAT rule in EU will change.

All goods imported into the EU will be issue to be charged,

regardless of value.


Wishing you a very happy New Year!


"Winter holiday"

Dec 29 to Jan4, during the days, We can not process order.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


"Special Price"products added at category.


DHL required additional $3 COVID-19 emergency fee for a while.


We open office with limited worker during weekdays.


"Changing Price"

Due to increased cost, selling price will be changed soon.


"End and beginning year holidays"

From December 28th to January 7th is closed office.

During the time, we can not process order.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We hope everyone will spend great holidays.



The delivery method of "EMS" has been raised cost.

Temporary, we stop using "EMS".


"National Holiday"

March 21st is National Holiday.

We can not process the delivery at that day.


"New Products"

added new products, such as popular ink, eraser in Japan.


"National Holiday"

February 12th is national holiday. We can not process orders.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


"Snowing today"

Its snowing around Tokyo area until this noon.

Parcel might be delay for delivery.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


"Special Price Products"

Some products are added at "SPECIAL PRICE" at leftside menu.

Added irregularly: we sell some products with special price.


"A Happy New Year!!"

Expecting year of 2018 will be full of smile for you.


"Winter holiday"

Dec 29 to Jan4, during the days, We can not process order.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


"Summer holiday"

Aug 11 to 15, during the days, We can not process order.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


"Shopping point"

There was problem of calculate for shopping point for some orders.

If you could not get shopping point, Please E-mail us.

We will check all order records to re-calculate points.

We use online shop system made by professional company.

We have requested them to check the problem

and abvoid happening again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


"EMS" changed delivery fee

From June 1st, "EMS" has changed their delivery fee.

with this morment, We have recalculated delivery fee.

"EMS" increased price mostly at Asia area,

We recommend check fee with "DHL" for the area.


National Holiday in Japan

"April 29th, May 3rd to 5th" the date,

all delivery argent will be closed for holiday.

we can not process delivery. sorry for the inconvenience.


"Trial pen nib set"and "DELETER pen nib holder"are in stock now!


Added New infor at "Neopiko Color" page

New 72 color added to "Neopiko Color"

144 colors in all now.


New Year Holiday

December 26th,2015 to January 5th,2016

During the time, we can not send parcel.


EMS,SAL for EU area temporary stopped.

1 parcel has being missing in France.

untill we can get detail information,

we quit using EMS,SAL for EU area.we will send by DHL.

*Parcel for USA*

*EMS, SAL are very slow this term. To avoid aprcel delay,

we stop using EMS, SAL for a while for the U.S.A.

2015.Oct: "NEOPIKO COLOR" was renewed!

Add new color! New cap!

2015.Oct: UN-reached E-mail

Due to the security system

some Inquiry E-mail has not reached to us.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We have asked to system company to fix.

If you have not received reply more than 1 week, Please tell us.

2015.July: July 20th is Japanese holiday

delivery service can not process parcel at 18,19,20th.

2015.July: add "refill ink for "NEOPIKO2"!!

with request, we have added "refill ink for Neopiko2".

2014.December 17th:

2014 Winter New DELETER Screen are available

New 5 pattern. Product page

2014.November 25th:

"how to draw" books beginning sales!!

Product page

2014.August 21th:

"NEOPIKO-Line-3" was released !!

Single item and Set item

2014.August 20th:

"NEOPIKO COLOR" was released !!

Single item and Set item

2014.August 15th:

Updated the gallery page

2014.August 14th:

Updated the gallery page

2014.August 3th:

Updated the gallery page

2014.July 29th:

2014 Summer New DELETER Screen are available

New 10 pattern. Product page

2014.June 18th:

Updated the gallery page

2014.June 6th:

Updated the gallery page

2013.December 26th:

New Year Holiday

December 29th,2013 to January 5th,2014

During the time, we can not send parcel.

Sorry for inconvenience.

2013.December :

web update December 19th 5am~5am(Japan time)

2013.December :

2013 Winter New DELETER Screen are available

New 5 pattern. Product page

2013.Nov : NEOPIKO4 in stock now!!


2013.Jul : New Delivery Method Available. "DHL"

We have add new delivery method DHL. It is the fastest

way of delivery in our website. Depend on the country,

the delivery fee will be most expensive , or cheapest.

For U.S.A, Canada, Asia area, part of EU, it is recommended.


"Color Tone" , Price down!


April 28th, May 3rd, 6th are Holiday in Japan.

We can not process delivery the days.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


New Pen nib holder added! with customer request, we have add

"Tachikawa Pen nib holder" at our products line.


*New Year Holiday*

December 29th to January 6th is new years holiday.

we can not process any order. Sorry for the inconvenience.


*Price Change*

Product price will be increased effective December 1st, 2012.

Due to the recent appreciation of Yen,

It is necessary to increase prices. Sorry for the inconvenience.


2012 Winter New DELETER Screen are available

New 9 pattern. Product page


Added "Japanese" menu at top menu. We would like to introduce

Japanese Language, culture at the page.

The page will be updated irregular date.


Added "request" menu at top menu. With customers' request,

we can try to search products which is not at our products line.


Add New Products "Eraser"

Japanese popular erasers are added.


New DELETER Screen Pattern(Tone) is available. all 20 kinds!!

"5 patterns, 15 gradations pattern."


Pen tablet,"DELE-Pen2" is available now.

Color Tone
"33 colors"available now. limited quantity.


We will have a booth at NAMTA at Orland, Florida,U.S.A.

The event will be held from 2012/5/9 to 11th.

Booth name is "DELETER USA", booth # 334.


New DELETER Screen Pattern(Tone) is designing now

and is planning to sell this June.

This time, we are designing many pattern of graduation.


We will have a booth at Comic Market at Tokyo big site, JAPAN.

The event will be held from 2012/12/29 to 2012/12/31.


2011 Winter New DELETER Screen pattern
7 kinds of "Tones New Pattern"available now. Drawing sample


SPECIAL PRICE page updated.
added several products"SPECIAL PRICE page"


2011 Summer New DELETER Screen pattern
8 kinds of new pattern of DELETER screen."Tones New Pattern"


Additional Product info for DELETER Pen nib and DELETER Ink.
DELETER Pen nib info, DELETER Ink info(A4 printable sizes)


HolidayApril 29th to May 1st, May 3rd to 5th

are Japanese national holiday. during the time,

We can not ship any parcel.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


New Ink is available now. we added several Ink with customer's check the page:"INK"

Fabric marker, Neopiko-3 set is available.

to check the page:"Neopiko-3 Set"


Delivery situation almost back to normal for overseas. Due to the

earthquake, delivery schedule was tend to delay.


Happy New Year!!

We wish the year of 2011 is full of smile for everyone!!


Winter HolidayDecember 28th to January 4th, is winter holiday.

online shopping is working,so we can take order

but we can not ship any parcel during the time.


2010 winter DELETER Screen(Tones) patterns are available at

"Tones New Pattern"
NEOPIKO4new product,added in store.

NEOPIKO4 is hairy brush watercolor maker. all 20 colors


Catalogue is on web.Please download from here (238.13MB)


Comic Market DELETER will join "Comic Market" as usual.

Booth location is "East 3C"

Come to check the special offer products.


2010summer New DELETER screen is now available.

please type "2010summer" at left side of page,"Item search box"

to check drawing sample is here

Beans Comic is now available with "Special Price"


New Item: Refill Inkfor NEOPIKO2 is available now.

Delivery method "SAL" is available.

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