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Neopiko Line White 0.5mm

Opaque white ink pen , thick white ink is perfect for white out, adding effect as shine for drawing. You can even draw on grass, plastic, metal.

- Opaque white ink
- waterproof ink (when it's dry)
- possible to draw on grass, plastic, metal.
- thin pen nib
  ( The ink is usually thick, so it is difficult to make with a small pen tip.      the ink tends to stuck with a small pen nib.)

Replace cap firmly and store horizontal after use.

1, Please make sure the cap is perfectly closed.2, Please shake the pen up and down to stir the ink, until you hear a click sound .3, Please gently push down the pen tip until the tip turns to white color.


* its thick white ink, please be careful for your clothes, desk room floor, anything.  
it's hard to remove. Before shake the pen, Please make sure the cap is perfectly locked.

* If you do not use the pen for a while, depending on the environment,    
the ink will dry and become stuck.

Once it's dry, it can not be fixed.


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Item NameNeopiko Line White 0.5mm
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